What's the value of a strategy,

when your employees do not understand it?

How can anchoring help you create momentum?

How do you make innovation happen?

Can you expect compliance,

when the rules are unclear?


Sprint from novel-thought to quantifiable gain



Unfold the full potential of your initiatives



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About Ancoreage

>> We are specialists for context-based consulting -  focusing on the fields of innovation, mobilization and regulation. By creating the right frame conditions, we allow our customers to successfully implement and anchor their strategies, structures and projects. <<

News, Events and Blogs

Michael Siegmund to speak on TEDx Graz, Nov. 6th

Michael Siegmund to speak on TEDx Graz, Nov. 6th

On the upcoming TEDx Graz, Michael will speak about: Innovation factor “people” - How we can get more out of our ideas.
Innovation means to create something useful and “new”. This usually requires the interaction between different people. However, our different characteristics thereby often unconsciously get in our way. Based on the works of innovation pioneer Robert B. Rosenfeld, Michael Siegmund shows how our complex inner >> Read more

Ancoreage introduces service-line, which helps companies carry out investment projects more efficiently

Ancoreage introduces service-line, which helps companies carry out investment projects more efficiently

Our goal is to close the gap between technical realization and financial administration of investment projects, so that:
- Project managers can focus on their projects, instead of administration
- Reports contain correct data and reflect the true progress and value of work done
- Procurement and Accounting processes are fully compliant
- Invoice values are correct and companies do not overpay

Investment projects are extremely complex undertakings. But while the >> Read more

Partner von Ancoreage Management Partners wird CFO bei ENTRADE Energiesysteme AG

James Kong übernimmt mit sofortiger Wirkung die Position des CFO bei der ENTRADE Energiesysteme AG. Der gebürtige Amerikaner verantwortete zuletzt die Londoner Vertretung von Ancoreage Management Partners.

In seiner neuen Rolle wird James Kong seine umfassende Erfahrung im Finanzwesen unter anderem dazu nutzen, den bevorstehenden Börsengang und die internationale Expansion der ENTRADE voranzutreiben. Das Unternehmen, welches zu den am schnellsten wachsenden Unternehmen der >> Read more

City development needs anchoring (German only)

Warum fällt es uns in diesen Tagen so schwer, grundlegende Weichenstellungen für die Zukunft unserer Innenstädte zu setzen? Die Alarmsignale wären da: Rückläufige Geschäftszahlen, Abwanderungen, Geschäftsauflösungen und gescheiterte Ansiedelungsversuche sind drastische Belege für den bestehenden Handlungsbedarf. >> Read more